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Coming up with a name for a software application is pretty daunting task. Well, let me rephrase that: coming up with a good name is a daunting task. Bad names are easy. Good names are few and far between.

So as we’ve been putting the spec together for our next app and putting together interface mockups, we’ve been throwing names around. A lot of really bad names, with some so-so ones thrown in occasionally.

Yesterday came a bolt from the blue. We looked it up, and no one was using it, or anything close to it. (Although like most names, especially short ones, the domain name was taken.) So now that the hard part is out of the way, we can get busy coding. Well, as soon as we finish the spec, which should be done within the next week.

Oh, did I forget to mention what the name is?


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For people who read this blog, it’s actually 14, since I’m posting this on Saturday but the press release is scheduled to drop on Monday morning.

In the spirit of Christmas, we’re knocking $12 off the price of MYStuff if you enter the discount code “12DAYSOFCHRISTMAS” at checkout. This promo will run through and including Christmas Day.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m one of those people who spend a lot of time between Christmas and New Year’s  catching up on stuff I’ve been meaning to do all year. This normally involves cleaning out drawers and closets, throwing away old junk to make room for the new junk, putting together a bag of clothes to give to local charities and thrift stores, et cetera. This is also a great time to sit down and clean out “that box” or “that drawer” which collects all the important stuff (receipts, product manuals, warranty paperwork) throughout the course of a year, and put it all into MYStuff.

As the developer, I probably have a head start on everyone else, but even I still have a folder full of stuff that needs scanned.

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