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Dropped a very minor update today, MYStuff 1.2.3. There was an odd bug where once a user hit the demo limit, MYStuff would stop displaying Files that a user had added to a Record. If you deleted 1 Record to bring you back to 9 Records, or if you purchased, everything would work fine. Turned out to be 1 errant line of code that has been around since version 1.0.


The 1.2.3 update fixed this bug.

We have some other stuff in the wings for MYStuff, some very cool features that we’re pretty excited about. We also have French localization on the way very soon. If you’re a fluent English speaker and a native speaker of a different language, we’ll give you a free copy of MYStuff in exchange forĀ  your help in translating. Just post a response here and we’ll contact you off-list.

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