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For those of you who are unfamiliar with the website Woot, it’s a wonderful obsession for people who are always looking for a good deal. Every day, they have one item for sale, for normally an unbeatable price. Once it’s sold out… it’s gone. The next day, they have something completely different for sale.

Once in a while, they have a “Woot-off”, where after selling out of something, another rock-bottom deal replaces it. A Woot-off typically lasts 24 hours, but sometimes they’ll run it for 48 or 72. You need lightning-fast reflexes and a touch of OCD to keep refreshing the Woot home page and snag some of the better deals. Fortunately, I have both.

Before I even loaded my collection of morning browser tabs, a friend IM’ed me that “there’s a good deal on a Dyson on the Woot-off this morning.” So I head over and see a limited edition DC-24 (Dyson Ball) Blueprint Limited Edition, brand new for $279 + $5 S&H. That’s $150 off retail. Now we’ve had a Kenmore upright vac for about 3 or so years. It does alright, but recently we’ve had some problems. Namely, that it won’t stay in bare floor/tool mode. And we have hardwood floors. Almost all hardwood floors. In addition, it keeps burning through belts. (And let me tell you, nothing says “clean house” like the smell of burnt rubber mixed with the scent of Pine-sol.) So I did what I always do when contemplating a purchase of more than $10: I waffled.

mystuff-dyson-dc24.pngI IM’ed my wife to see what she thought. I made a pro’s and con’s list. I debated getting our current vacuum fixed. In the end I bought it. I used my credit card that adds an additional year warranty to the manufacturer’s 5-year warranty. And when I got to Woot’s “you successfully wooted” page (also known as a receipt), I hit Apple-P to print, and selected “Save PDF to MYStuff”. The PDF popped up in MYInbox, then I made a new Record and filled in the purchase and warranty sepcs. I then headed over to Google and did a Google Image search for the DC-24 Blueprint and drug the image from Safari straight to MYStuff. A quick trip to Dyson’s website, and I had a PDF of the manual saved directly to MYInbox, where I added it to the Record I created. (Quick Tip: I added MYInbox to my Finder sidebar, to make it easier to dump stuff there.)

In a nutshell, this exemplifies why we wrote MYStuff: We got sick and tired of replacing things that were probably under warranty, but the receipt and warranty information is long gone. We got sick and tired of filing and storing receipts and warranty paperwork, and having the time-wasting hassle of purging outdated stuff we don’t need anymore. We got sick and tired of rummaging around the house looking for manuals. In short, we got sick and tired of wasting our time and our money.

In total, I spent maybe 5 minutes creating the Record in MYStuff and adding things to it. Not a bad few minutes to secure the knowledge that for the next 6 years, I won’t have to worry about buying another vacuum and I’ll be able to find the manual when I need it. And our new vacuum isn’t even on the FedEx truck yet.

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This is totally unrelated to our company or our software, but I thought it was funny enough to post for public consumption.

My wife and I are expecting our first baby in May. Before writing code, I spent 13 years in graphic design and advertising, so I want to do some sort of creative baby announcement. Now keep in mind that my wife is a code-writing geek like myself, and we share a lot of the same geek humor. So I’m brainstorming some ideas and I run one of them by her. The card would be set in Courier and simply say:

NSBaby *VictorLorenzo = [[NSBaby alloc] initWithDate:@”12 May 2010″];


NSBaby *StellaGrace = [[NSBaby alloc] initWithDate:@”11 May 2010″];

depending upon the gender, actual birthdate, et cetera. I tell her my great idea via iChat. She replies with:

[NSDorkHusband cleanup];

Well, I thought it was an awesome idea for the baby announcements. Granted, my mother and 99.5% of the people we would send them to would have no idea what any of it meant, but I still think it would have been cool. Oh well. Back to the drawing board.

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