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The old programmer’s adage holds true: “The definition of a software upgrade: take old bugs out, put new bugs in.”

Thursday, we released MYStuff 1.3.2, which closed a bunch of bugs (and added two little features.)

Friday we received feedback from a user that after updating, MYStuff stopped working. Ouch. We worked with her to gather some diagnostic information and found out that one of our little features was only compatible with Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6) and as such it was crashing MYStuff under older versions of the OS. And we remembered that we forgot to test the 1.3.2 update on our 10.5.8 test machine prior to release.

We fixed the bug this morning and posted an update, all the while chanting “take old bugs out, put new bugs in”. Though technology may change, sadly, I don’t think anything will change the perpetual existence of software bugs.

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