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We’re wrapping things up on the MYStuff 1.4 release, and it will be available tomorrow. This is probably the biggest update since the original release last year, so we’re pretty excited about it. Much of the work was behind-the-scenes stuff to pave the way for a bunch of new exciting features, but there are a few things you’ll notice.


The biggest news is long-awaited support for moving your MYStuff data to your Dropbox or iDisk account, file server, USB flash drive, or any other location. Simply open the Preferences, click “Copy & Move”, and select your new location.

MYStuff also has a new “All Records” category that allows you to easily see everything in your database at once.

There were a bunch of little enhancements throughout, but the biggest “little” enhancement is that MYStuff’s interface now works much better on MacBooks and other machines with smaller screen resolution (1280 x 800).

Overall, we think you’ll be pleased with the update, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback.

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