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Well, 2010 is winding to a close and so is development on the 1.x line of MYStuff releases.

Since MYStuff 1.0 shipped, we’ve put out 5 major updates, with a bunch of great features:

  • Location filter bar & CSV export (MYStuff 1.1)
  • FileFinder introduced with iPhoto browser (MYStuff 1.2)
  • FileFinder added manual and image searching & CSV import (MYStuff 1.3)
  • Support for moving your database to other locations like Dropbox (MYStuff 1.4)
  • Updated interface & support for all file types with built-in media player (MYStuff 1.5)

Thanks to user feedback, we have a bucket of new features and big changes, too many to add on to the current line of MYStuff. As a result, we’re starting up development on MYStuff 2. We’ll keep MYStuff 1 updated as necessary with any needed bugfixes and any compatibility issues with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, but all new major features will go into MYStuff 2.

In addition to MYStuff 2, we’re also working on MYStuff Mobile for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad. This is the hottest request from our users, and we want you to know that we’re listening. MYStuff Mobile will ship in 2011.

We’re also actively seeking new beta testers to help us make MYStuff 2 and MYStuff Mobile as feature-rich and bug-free as possible. Interested in being a beta tester? Click here.

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