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Alternate Currency

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We released an update today of MYComics, nothing major just a minor fix to work with, now that they’ve acquired The database has also been updated to reflect the new URLs of the content on Sadly, some comics did not make the transition to and Universal Uclick, so those titles have been removed from the MYComics database. (Also sadly, it means our database is now just below 350 comics… so if you have a recommendation for an independent strip that’s not in there, let us know.)

In the past few months, we’ve been in contact with Universal Uclick about MYComics, and during those discussions we’ve agreed to scrap some of the future features we had planned, such as web scraping (which would display the comics without displaying the web page). Comic authors who are syndicated through sites like GoComics make their money from ads and merchandise found on the pages hosted by GoComics. Far be it from me to advocate taking money away from the people who have used their talents to provide us entertainment over the years.

Other features are in the works, however, which will further improve your comic-viewing experience while at the same time respecting the copyright of the authors.

Sorry, comments are closed for this item.