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Almost four years ago, I launched Stock Keeper with a vision of what digital asset management should be: a simple, yet powerful tool for finding and managing digital assets. Everyone who creates digital documents, from professors creating PowerPoint decks to creatives making print or digital designs, have digital assets that need managed. Over the year that followed, Stock Keeper grew in popularity and was awarded a Macworld Gem in July of 2012.

As I was working on an ambitious rewrite of MYStuff, I got an email from Insider Software asking if I was interested in co-developing a next-generation asset manager. I knew Insider and FontAgent Pro well, since I had been using their excellent font manager since 2000. Insider shared my passion for creating superior software and providing great customer service, and we forged a strategic partnership that played to our strengths. 

For the last 18 months, I’ve been working with passionate people committed to creating a world-class asset manager. We’ve been through grueling debate and refinement about features and UI followed by months and months of testing in a variety of Mac environments to make sure the product is ready for commercial deployment.

While our efforts were based on the core code and spirit of Stock Keeper, what we jointly developed is a whole new commercial-grade product. Stock Keeper was a great product for what it was, but it was only a starting point of something far greater. So while it’s time to say goodbye to Stock Keeper, I’m excited to introduce you to Expo.
I could ramble on about all the great new features, like the better UI, best-of-class tagging, font handling, and awesome documentation. I could talk about the benefits of having an established company like Insider supporting the product. But I think Expo’s awesomeness will speak for itself. So go take a look at the product page, download the 30-day demo, and import your Stock Keeper database. After taking it for a spin, I’m sure you won’t wait the full 30 days before buying a copy. All registered users of Stock Keeper qualify to purchase Expo for a drastically reduced price. (But don’t wait too long, since the discounted upgrade is available for only a limited time.)
Thank you all for your business over the years. I look forward to working with you and Insider to improve Expo and revolutionize the way we all manage our creative assets.
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