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We’ve been quite busy the past few months, and we’ve been a little quiet about MYStuff. We’ve gotten some emails recently about the future of MYStuff, and so I decided it’s time to take the wraps off our plans.

Since version 1.0, we’ve received a ton of feature requests. The most popular by far has been “make an iPhone version”, and yes, I am working on MYStuff Mobile, which will be a companion app to MYStuff 2. But there’s been a lot of other ones that may seem mundane, but are important, such as improved CSV import.

As we stated previously, MYStuff 2 is a ground-up rewrite, complete with a new and improved interface. (And yes, the new version will migrate all your old data). But when we sat down with our feature list for 2.0, and realized while there’s a ton of new features, some of them should have been part of MYStuff from the very beginning. We didn’t feel that users of MYStuff 1.x should have to pay for an upgrade to get features that should have been there all along, but at the same time there’s a bunch of new features that will be worthy of a paid upgrade.

Our solution, then, is that we’re going to release two versions of MYStuff 2. MYStuff 2, and MYStuff 2 Lite. All registered users of MYStuff will be able to upgrade to MYStuff 2 Lite for free, and be eligible for discounted upgrade pricing to the full version of MYStuff 2.

MYStuff 2 Lite will have all the same identical features as the current version of MYStuff, but we’re adding a bunch of new (long overdue) features. A few of these include:

  • Improved CSV import
  • Total values for each Category
  • Right-click functions
  • User-editable columns
  • Smart folders

Obviously, this isn’t a complete list of all the new features of MYStuff 2 Lite, but it should give you an idea what to expect. Of course, there are a few unexpected “wow cool!” features in MYStuff 2 Lite that we’re keeping under wraps for the moment, and the full version will set a new standard for “stuff management” software.

Stay tuned!

{ UPDATE } Based on feedback from MacUpdate customers, the names will be “MYStuff 2” and “MYStuff 2 Pro”. So all registered users of MYStuff 1.x will be able to upgrade to MYStuff 2 for free, and be eligible for a discounted upgrade to MYStuff 2 Pro.

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When developing software, there’s lots of things you have to do to make it ready for public consumption. Every aspect of every interaction must be reviewed, and testing every possible thing a person could do that would result in breaking your program. So in addition to using the software myself in my daily work, I deploy it to a team of beta testers who beat on it too, and catch things I never would because everyone uses a program a little differently.

So when you think it’s perfect, when you think you have all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed, you ship it.

And you misplace a decimal point or some other mundane detail that winds up not being so mundane.

(Yes, I just made an Office Space reference. I think fully 65.3% of my daily dialog is made up of movie, TV show, or lyrical references. And the more arcane the better.)

Two “mundane details” marred an otherwise perfect launch of Stock Keeper, forcing us to quickly release Stock Keeper 1.0.1. Looks like I just had my glitch for this mission. (See, there I go again with the movie references. This time to Apollo 13.)

So if Stock Keeper is giving you the “the 30-day demo has expired” dialog, be sure to update to the 1.0.1 release. You may have to download it manually from here and replace the 1.0 version, but regardless how you do it, download the update and it will cure all your ills. (Three references in one post… a new record!)

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