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Alrighty folks, MYStuff 1.2.2 is now available for download and auto-update.

We were hoping to get this out sooner, but testing revealed some compatibility issues with Snow Leopard that needed to be fixed first.

There are no new features, per se, but the performance with lots of records is much, much better than in previous versions, especially if you are using photos with each Record. We threw in some little bugfixes, too… most users won’t even notice them since most users never noticed the bugs in the first place, but we noticed them, and it caused us many sleepless nights because it just wasn’t right.

We have a lot of new and exciting features lined up for future versions, but we wanted to get the little annoyances out of the way before forging ahead with new stuff.

Speaking of new stuff… we’re putting the finishing touches on the spec for our next app which will do some really cool stuff. We’ll be starting on it soon. Stay tuned.

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