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Screen shot 2010-04-14 at 5.29.09 PM.pngWe’re pretty excited about this release. In addition to the mandatory bugfixes, we’ve added two really nice features:

CSV Import: Import data from MYStuff exports, as well as Delicious Library, Home Inventory, Know Your Stuff, Paperless, and WarrantyHero. As you can see from our feature comparison chart, MYStuff is the best application at what it does. If you have a lot of data in one of these other programs, now you’re no longer stuck there. (And now the disclaimer: We’ve made every effort to import as much data from these other programs as possible, but due to how the other programs save and export data, some data won’t transfer properly or at all.)

FileFinder Search Tab: I did this feature for me, and hopefully everyone else will like it too. I love to have manuals for everything I own, and now there are lots of manuals making their way online as PDF files. With this feature, it grabs the Manufacturer and Model info you have entered for the Record, formats a Google search query, and opens it in your default browser. From here you can easily add what you find to your Record. Check out the screencasts to see it in action.

Download MYStuff 1.3

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