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On Monday, we released MYStuff 1.5.5, which fixed a bug that required some help from Apple Developer Support to fix. Prior to releasing the update, we sent it out to our beta testers and ran it on our own personal database. We added, removed, modified, and thoroughly beat on the 1.5.5 update to make sure our existing customers’ data was safe prior to making the update available to the general public. After holding the update for two weeks to make sure no one’s database would be damaged, we felt confident to post the update.

We didn’t, however, test a “new install”, as in “a new user launching MYStuff for the very first time.” And unfortunately, there was a bug that only affected new users.


Fortunately, it was reported quickly (late in the afternoon yesterday) and we had the bug fixed and a new release thoroughly tested and posted by this morning. If you downloaded the 1.5.5 release, either manually or via auto-update, you’ll need to manually update your copy of MYStuff to 1.5.6. Simply download a fresh copy and replace your old version.

Which brings us to the future of MYStuff 2. In recent months, we are beginning to appreciate how Apple felt when Mac OS 9 was out and OS X was under development: you still have to support the older technology, but you can’t wait to leave it behind. Old software code has a way of being like the “junk drawer” in your kitchen: you start out with it all neat and clean and organized, and over time it becomes filled with things that you should have thrown out a long time ago, or put away in their proper place but never quite got around to it.

After over 2 years of active development, MYStuff’s code has gotten to the point where it needs more than just a little house cleaning. MYStuff 2 is going to be a ground-up rewrite.

Radical? We don’t think so. There are a lot of benefits for us as developers, but the real winner will be our customers. Like Apple’s transition from Mac OS 9 to OS X, we’ll be laying a new foundation for the future growth of the application. (And trust us when we tell you that we have some great plans in store for MYStuff 2 and beyond.) From faster performance to more modern technologies and exciting new features, we know that doing a complete re-write for MYStuff 2 will be more than worth the effort.

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