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MYStuff-1.5 screenshot

We’re happy to announce that after several months of work, MYStuff 1.5 is available for download.

The first thing you’ll notice is that MYStuff now sports a much more modern interface. But beauty is not only skin deep with this release. MYStuff 1.5 now supports all file types: PDFs, images, audio files, movies, spreadsheets, word processing files… anything.

As always, PDFs and images are displayed in the Details sheet. What’s new is that media files have a built-in player with basic playback controls: play/pause, skip to beginning, and volume. All other files will show their QuickLook preview.

There have been some other under-the-hood improvements to improve launch times, and a few interface improvements, such as the forward & back buttons at the bottom of the Details sheet that allows you to easily step through your Records without closing the Details sheet.

With all the shopping you’re going to be doing in the upcoming weeks, this is a perfect time to start keeping track of your purchases and their receipts, and MYStuff makes that easy. And to kick off the shopping season, we’re knocking $10 off the normal retail price of MYStuff through November 30th. Just enter the promo code “GIVETHANKS” at checkout to buy MYStuff for only $19.

Download your copy today.

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