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Bugs. No application is without them. No developer ever stops having to fix them.

Over the past week, I’ve had two bugs bzzzzzzzzzzz around my head like gnats on a warm sumer evening. Both of them were irritating little buggers. Both of them were around since MYStuff 1.0. Both of them are now squashed. (Thank goodness!)

In addition to the inquiries asking if we’re going to make an iPhone version of MYStuff, we’ve already received comments from some users inquiring if we’re going to make an iPad version of MYStuff. We feel that MYStuff is a natural fit for both the iPad and iPhone. We believe that each platform deserves a version of MYStuff that is suited best for that platform and the needs of that platform’s users. Rather than rapidly port and deploy a hacked-together version of MYStuff for the iPhone and iPad with a lousy user experience, we’re concentrating on developing the best possible MYStuff experience for those platforms.

It may take a little longer, but the platforms and our users deserve it.

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