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When developing software, there’s lots of things you have to do to make it ready for public consumption. Every aspect of every interaction must be reviewed, and testing every possible thing a person could do that would result in breaking your program. So in addition to using the software myself in my daily work, I deploy it to a team of beta testers who beat on it too, and catch things I never would because everyone uses a program a little differently.

So when you think it’s perfect, when you think you have all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed, you ship it.

And you misplace a decimal point or some other mundane detail that winds up not being so mundane.

(Yes, I just made an Office Space reference. I think fully 65.3% of my daily dialog is made up of movie, TV show, or lyrical references. And the more arcane the better.)

Two “mundane details” marred an otherwise perfect launch of Stock Keeper, forcing us to quickly release Stock Keeper 1.0.1. Looks like I just had my glitch for this mission. (See, there I go again with the movie references. This time to Apollo 13.)

So if Stock Keeper is giving you the “the 30-day demo has expired” dialog, be sure to update to the 1.0.1 release. You may have to download it manually from here and replace the 1.0 version, but regardless how you do it, download the update and it will cure all your ills. (Three references in one post… a new record!)

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