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Requires OS X 10.7

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  • One of the most important apps on my Mac.
    — P. Patterson
  • Great application!
    — Joseph C.
  • The flexibility is amazing! Love it!
    — Richard W.
  • One of the most important apps on my Mac.
    — P. Patterson
  • One of the most important apps on my Mac.
    — P. Patterson
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Ridiculously thorough inventory... for all your stuff

MYStuff Pro 2 has more stuff:

new Barcode scanner
new Built-in web browser
new Insurance information
new Vehicle & Building categories
new Manufacturer info
new Vendor info
new Smart folders
new Labels
new Custom fields
new Multiple currency support
new CSV import and export
new Tags
new-spacer And More...

Shop… and Save

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Do you shop online? Of course you do. And every time you buy something online, not only do you have another receipt that needs filed, you're adding another item into what should be inventoried. MYStuff puts these the tasks of shopping and saving together for the first time.
MYStuff's built-in browser saves a web archive of the receipt with a single click, and allows you to quickly add a new Record to your inventory right now while it's convenient. Putting a web browser inside MYStuff allows you to easily shop your favorite sites on the 'net, and easily save both information and time. (You can save how-to and informational pages, too.)

Fantastic Flexibility

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Do you label your pens? Do you alphabetize your spice rack? Does every item you own have a place? Or are you more of a free spirit, with things arranged a little more… creatively?
MYStuff organizes things how you do. Don't feel like you have to change how you organize to fit your organization program. MYStuff provides easy ways to organize by category, location, tag, or label.

Any Which Way You Want

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Are you a drag-and-dropper? A scan-man? A barcode-diva? Would you rather walk around your your house with a camera taking photos, then fill everything in, or would you prefer to bring your stacks of receipts to your network multi-function center and use the sheet feeder to scan everything? Or MacBook-at-the-table more your cup of tea?
However you want to get information into MYStuff, we've got you covered. You can easily drag-and drop into MYStuff from the Finder or other programs to add files to Records or create hundreds of records all at once. Use your iSight to scan your XBox games and Blu-Ray DVDs? No problem. Access your iPhoto collection? You bet.

Extra Extra

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Remember who installed your car's brakes? What was the address of that place that installed the remote starter? When you bought your car, how many miles were on it? And how many payments are left? What's your insurance agent's phone number? While we're talking about insurance, you do know how much money you have in DVDs, right?
MYStuff stores more than stuff. There so much more information about the stuff you buy than when you bought it and how much it cost. Complete information about vendors and manufacturers, specialized Vehicle and Building category types, warranty calculation, insurance information… if it's related to your stuff, MYStuff lets you save it.
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Shop online with the built-in web browser. Save your online receipts to MYStuff with just a click.
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Scan to MYStuff's MYInbox from your favorite scanner software. Even network scanners will work.
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Save and view any kind of file: PDF, JPEG, web archive, video, audio, even office documents.
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iPhoto library images can be accessed without leaving MYStuff.
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Warranties save you money. MYStuff helps you keep track of their details and calculates when they expire.
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Building categories allow you to save information like number of rooms, square footage, mortgage info, and more.
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Scan barcodes with your iSight to quickly inventory your CDs, DVDs, books, and other stuff.
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Save information about manufacturers and vendors.
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Backup & restore with a click.
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iSight integration allows taking photos directly from within MYStuff.
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Multiple locations let you find your items wherever they are. Be as general or specific as you want.
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Vehicle categories allow you to save detailed info on mileage, loan & lease info, maintenance records, and more.
Any kind of stuff. More than just a home inventory program, MYStuff is a flexible stuff inventory program. Use it to inventory whatever you want: your home, your business, your wine cellar, or even your extensive collection of action figures. Because MYStuff is so flexible, you are in control of how you want to organize your information.
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No limits. You can add an unlimited number of files to every MYStuff Record. MYStuff accepts any kind of file: PDF, image, video, audio, spreadsheet, or text file. As you accumulate more information on something, you add it to the MYStuff record: instructions, how-to's, service records, even letters you wrote to customer service. MYStuff's built-in file viewer allows you to browse all your files without leaving MYStuff.

Use MYStuff for:

Inventory & Record-keeping
  • Home inventory
  • Business inventory
  • Rental property records
  • Car & motorcycle records
  • Computer hardware & software
  • Home theater equipment
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Wine cellar
  • Figurines
  • Action figures
  • Comic books
  • Watches
  • Model railroad
  • Antiques
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