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Stop organizing

Organizing wastes time. It's true: every minute you spend managing your files is wasted time, starting the second you download a comp image. And manually managing a media library gets harder and more time-intensive the bigger your library gets.

Stock Keeper saves time. Stock Keeper integrates a web browser, file management, database, and quick access tools into one program. Gone are the days of using a separate browser, the Finder, and an asset manager.

Letting your computer search is always faster than manually organizing everything. Stock Keeper has its own library, so you'll never have to worry about where a certain file is located. (And you can move your Stock Keeper database anywhere you want: your user folder, an external hard drive, server, or cloud drive like Dropbox.)

When you save files to Stock Keeper's library, you are prompted to enter in a few bits of information: tag it with descriptive words, client name, or job number; enter some notes; put in how much you paid or what the usage license is. Stock Keeper will save this information, along with other automatically-collected information, into its database.

And Stock Keeper can save any file type: images, video, audio, EPS, PDF, even PowerPoint templates. You can use Stock Keeper for managing all your media files.
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Get working

Stay focused. When you're concentrating on work, nothing is worse than having to stop and go on a scavenger hunt for a logo or photo or other media file.

Let smart folders do the work.
Set up smart folders to organize your files for you:

  • All FPO images from
  • All images tagged with a client name and project number added in the past week
  • All files tagged "icon" that are larger than 128 pixels wide
  • All video files using the AAC codec
  • All audio files with a bitrate of 192000

Your library, at your fingertips.
Never leave your foreground application to find and use your media again. Stock Keeper's patent pending menubar widget pops up a browser that makes your entire Stock Keeper library — including the smart folders — easily accessible from anywhere. Quickly search and browse your library, then drag and drop files from the widget's media browser directly into your foreground application.

Stock Keeper's menubar widget works with any application that accepts drag and drop. Adobe Creative Suite, Apple's iWork, Garage Band, and iMovie, Microsoft Office, Pixelmator, even Xcode.

Cutting edge features

Stock Keeper leads the way. Stock Keeper 1.0 was the first media organizer (also called a "digital asset manager") to build-in a web browser, and it's still the only one to offer normal browser features like tabs, bookmarks, and a download manager.

Stock Keeper is still the only media organizer that not only supports all file types, but also has a built-in player for QuickTime-supported media types.

Raising the bar in version 1.1, Stock Keeper's unique menu bar browser can't be found in any other competing program.

And we're still not satisfied.

We are hard at work on new features that will save you time, make you more productive, and make your workflow even easier.
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